Your year of wonders

Your Future Self will look back on this time of change and disruption as Your Year of Wonders

This well-researched, yet misunderstood idea is at the heart of Nick’s eye-opening message -- a message that has been transforming organizational cultures and breathing new life into careers and teams all across the globe.

Nick’s trademark blend of self-deprecating humor,  evidence-based inspiration, and engaging storytelling elevates the mood and stirs up excitement at every meeting. Audience members discover how to rewrite the stories of their past so that they can reimagine future possibilities and creatively execute present strategies.

Your audience will discover...1. How external change promotes internal growth.

2. What a 16th century physicists' falling apple shows us about how the brains of 21st Century leaders are wired to greet today’s confusion and chaos with creativity and courage

3. How to simply and successfully manage the tension between bold risk-taking and responsible stewardship of people and resources.

4. The mysterious truth that uncomfortable feelings of confusion and uncertainty are actually a fantastic sign that you are on the verge of wondrous, future-shaping discoveries.

Invigorated by a fresh outlook; connected by a shared language; and armed with practical tools, your people will be ready to cut through the chaos with a laser-like focus on organizational objectives, team priorities, and personal growth opportunities.

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